Multiple Dimensions of Wellness

Here’s a glimpse at the many dimensions of wellness.

Seniors find they live happier, more fulfilled lives when a holistic approach to wellness is taken. Here’s a glimpse at the many dimensions of wellness that are nurtured and promoted in today’s Life Plan Communities, also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs.

1.Physical Wellness: Physical activities are planned and directed by fitness professionals in the community. These can include exercises planned for the resident’s specific needs and abilities, such as improving range of motion, core strength, or balance. Group classes in the community may include yoga or tai-chi, walking clubs, dance, or water aerobics.

2. Emotional Wellness: Support for the challenges that come with aging can give seniors comfort and strength in difficult times—and learning to cope with and adapt to life’s changes builds emotional well-being. This support can take the form of grief and mental health counseling, support and peer groups, informal circles of friends, and interactions with staff members.

3. Social Wellness: Socialization increases engagement, reduces isolation, and improves outlooks. Residents may enjoy card games, interest-based clubs, musical performances, holiday parties, group excursions and other activities that bring them together with others.

4. Intellectual Wellness: Intellectual activities boost cognitive function, stimulate the brain, and fuel lifelong learning. In the community, residents might engage in brain games and exercises, book groups, trivia contests, educational seminars, discussion groups, or tech workshops.

5. Vocational Wellness: Seniors have valuable work and life skills that can benefit the entire community. Residents can share their knowledge by teaching others, volunteering, building something, or leading discussion groups. Many CCRCs provide space for painting studios, woodworking, and other arts and crafts.

6. Environmental Wellness: A warm and comfortable environment in the retirement community enhances residents’ lives. This can encompass gardens and green spaces; walking paths; clean, bright surroundings; a friendly, caring staff; and festive seasonal decorations.

7. Spiritual Wellness: A strong spiritual sense can offer hope, strength, and peace. In the community, residents might nurture their spiritual selves through on-site worship services, meditation, religious studies, music performances, and more.

8. Health Services: Life Plan Communities offer caring, attentive support especially suited to seniors’ health needs as they change over time. Knowing services are available and a plan is in place before a change in health

This multifaceted approach through the 8 Dimensions of Wellness will positively impact the lives of older adults, providing enrichment, inclusion, purpose and a plan for future care needs.

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