Security and online Senior Living Referral Services

Once the online service puts you on their list they “own” you as a “lead.”

While researching Senior Living options online for yourself or a loved one you may be unaware of what happens with your information, and the level of your own security.

If you google search Assisted Living, a list of Online Senior Referral companies will appear. They require you to enter your information that includes: phone number, email, address, health and finances. All before being directed to a list of options.

These companies also put you on a “list.” That list is sent to numerous communities where your information will be entered into multiple databases and viewed by anyone that can access that data. You will then receive emails and phone calls from every community on the “list.”

Once the online service puts you on their list they “own” you as a “lead.” This remains true whether you move in soon, years later or even correspond with that company. This is how they receive compensation.

DO NOT give out your information to receive pricing or a list of communities.

A secure way to narrow down Senior Living options is to use a Local Senior Living Advisor. They will be willing to meet with you, in person, to assess your loved ones’ specific needs.

The Advisor will then, recommend the best options, coordinate the tours and take you to see those recommended options.

A Trusted Senior Living Advisor visits communities regularly and knows whom has stable staff, happy residents, good food and quality care. Online Referral companies are unable to provide this level of service.

A Local Senior Living Advisor will be your one point of contact. Only that advisor will have your information unless you wish to give it to the toured communities. This will eliminate needless contact from multiple communities and from the online referral service itself.

A Local Advisor can assist you with negotiating costs, recommend resources for: downsizing, selling a home, moving and assist with the necessary paperwork to get moved into a community.

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