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Adult Day Center

Adult Day Centers provide a secure environment of companionship and activity for older adults during the day while their family caregivers work or need respite.

Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning includes organizations that specialize in advance planning of burial or cremation services, as well as, access to living wills and Power of Attorney documents.


Non-profits and government agencies that protect and advocate for people with disabilities, seniors and other at risk members of society.

Area Agency on Aging

Area Agencies on Aging are local government agencies that provide or coordinate home based services, advocacy and other resources for older adults and people with disabilities.

Assistive Equipment

Assistive Equipment include appliances or devices, which assists an individual in caring for themselves or performing work or leisure activities.

Associations for Specific Conditions

Associations for Specific Conditions list organizations that provide information and resources about medical conditions, such as: Alzheimer's, Cancer, and similar.

Associations on Aging

Associations on Aging are non profit or government agencies that support or coordinate with Local Area Agencies on Aging to provide services, advocacy, education and other resources.

Attorneys & Elder Law

Attorneys & Elder Law deals with legal issues affecting older adults and disabled; including probate and estate planning, guardianship, long-term care planning, and more.

Business Support Services

Services could include payroll, bookkeeping, collections, staffing, consulting, training, administrative support.

Care Management

Care Management services are provided by Care Managers who give guidance, assessment, care plans and coordination of services for an individual.

Caregiving Resource & Support

Resources and Support for caregiving provides information; resources, support groups and networks to help individuals better manage physical and mental stress of caregiving.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is care of the spine and musculoskeletal system that involves the manipulation or stretching of muscles or joints, and other treatments.

Conditions & Treatments

Conditions and Treatments list information and resources about symptoms, care options, education, treatments and care related to specific conditions.

Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs includes government and non-profit organizations that provide information that protects the rights of consumers.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is for adult learners, and is not normally considered to include basic instruction, but rather a continuation or exploration of interest or expertise.

County Health Departments

County Health Departments promote, protect and improve the health and wellness of the community, by maintaining good health and preventing problems that contribute to disease and injury.

Daily Money Managers/Fiduciary Services

Companies that provide personal business assistance to those experiencing difficulty in managing their personal monetary affairs. Services range from organizing and maintaining financial and medical insurance papers to assisting with check writing and reconciling bank accounts.

Dental Resources

Dental Resources and Services lists organizations that provide dental services, resources or education; some may provide services on sliding scale payment arrangements.

Departments of Motor Vehicles

Department of Motor Vehicles or its equivalent oversees the state's driving programs, safe driver education, Handicapped Accessible License Plates and other services.

Diabetic Resources

Diabetic Supplies include education, resources, or supplies needed for the care of diabetes, including test strips, glucometer, lancets and more.


Dialysis is used to clean individual's blood when one or both kidneys are defective or absent, and to remove excess accumulation of drugs or chemicals in the blood.

Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition can include nutritional advice, education or meal preparation from a registered dietician, personal chef; meals may be prepared in your home or delivered.

Disability Programs

Disability Programs originate at National, State and Local levels and provide financial support, health care coverage, transportation and other support services to individuals with disabilities.

Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse includes physical, financial or emotional abuse and should be reported to government agencies; resources include an abuse registry, adult protective services or Ombudsmen program.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness guidance from the US government lists and explains possible threats and recommended response.

Emergency Response Systems

Emergency Response Systems (ERS) allow a person experiencing a medical emergency to transmit a signal via digital equipment, usually a telephone line.


Employment resources are organizations, companies and websites that provide employment opportunities or additional skills training for mature adults.

Energy Resources

Energy Resources provide financial assistance for public utilities and/or home weather proofing programs for individuals with limited financial income.

Entertainment & Recreation

Find fun in your community: Parks, Theaters, Music, Attractions, etc

Errand & Concierge Services

Errand & Concierge Services are provided by individuals or agencies; services may include errands, shopping, transportation; some companion care companies also provide this service.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning refers to the process of planning for an individual's assets; this generally requires involvement of an attorney or financial planner.

Estate Sales

Estate Sales include appraisal or pricing of items for sale, and may also include the sale of items either in a total sale, individual piece or consignment.

Faith Based Senior Groups

Faith Based Senior Groups are social, service or interest based groups who provide resources in a manner that reflects a commitment to religious beliefs or spiritual values.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance provides resources and assistance for individuals facing a financial crisis; services may include local relief programs or temporary financial support.

Financial Services

Financial Services can include financial planning, banking, insurance, medical bill review, asset protection & estate planning, tax reduction strategies, and more.

Fitness, Health & Wellness

Fitness, Health and Wellness includes information, educations, programs and resources on healthy living topics offered by hospitals, community centers, or other organizations.

Food Resources

Food Resources provide groceries, meal at home programs or congregate meals for individuals facing a financial crisis or those with limited resources to meet their needs.

Foot Care

Foot Care includes resource and services related to the care of the lower leg, including Podiatry, Pedorathist, orthotics, specialized shoes, shoes for diabetics and more.

Funeral Services

Funeral Services comprise the beliefs and practices to remember the dead, from the funeral, memorial, burial, cemetery, and various monuments in their honor.

Government Resources & Services

Government Resources and Services are links to government organizations, such as Area Agencies on Aging, and other agencies serving the needs of older Americans.


Grandparenting includes resources on sharing your life with grandchildren, such as traveling, education, creating memories and more.

Grocery Delivery

Companies or individuals that deliver groceries to the home, may be provided by grocery stores, online shopping services or individuals.

Guardian or Conservator

Guardian or Conservatorship in general is an individual or agency appointed by a court as representation for an individual who can no longer manage his or her own affairs.

Health Clinics

Health centers provide checkups when you're well, treatment when you're sick, immunizations, dental care and prescription drugs for your family, and more.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance providers offer a comprehensive range of health maintenance and treatment services for a prepaid fee, including Medicare supplemental plans.

Health Screenings

Health Screenings are used to identify disease or conditions, thus enabling earlier intervention and management; many screenings are performed at hospitals, community centers or annual health screening events.

Hearing Resources & Services

Hearing Resources and Services lists organizations that provide hearing services, resources or education; some may provide services on sliding scale payment arrangements.

Holistic Health & Alternative Medicine

Holistic Health & Alternative Medicine refers to alternative health services such as Acupuncture, Reflexology, Kelation, Reiki and Kinetic therapy.

Home Maintenance & Modifications

Home Maintenance, Remodeling & Modification such as: plumbing, tile work, HVAC, gutter cleaning, and more. Also included are contractors for aging in place and building resources.


Hospice is care provided to enhance the life of a person in the end stages of life, the focus of care is comfort and counseling, rather than treatment or lifesaving measures.


Hospitals are medical facilities offering emergency care, surgical care, testing, specialty care and other medical services, many offer community education and health screenings.

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services also known as maid service can be provided on a weekly or monthly schedule or arranged for one time large cleaning jobs.

Housing Resources

Housing Resources includes government and non-profit agencies that contain information on government senior housing and programs.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft is a crime involving illegal usage of another individual's identity. The most common form of identity theft is credit card fraud.

Intergenerational Programs

Intergenerational Programs bring generations together usually youth and older adults for activities, shared education and companionship; coordinated by organizations or individuals.

Legal Aid & Resources

Legal Aid & Resources are government and non-profit legal aid programs for low income individuals and serve as a resource for general inquiries.


Libraries offer a means to provide special services for individuals, such as computer and Internet access, large print books, book mobiles and general interest presentations.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term care insurance covers cost associated with personal care generally not covered by health insurance, such as dressing, bathing, eating, toileting, transferring, and walking.


Mediation services utilizes a trained mediator to guide people through the process of negotiation with the goal of finding a mutually agreed upon resolution to a conflict or dispute.


Medicaid serves people with low incomes and resources, and is funded by the state and federal government, and is managed by the states.

Medical & Drug Trials

Medical & Drug Trials are used to establish average efficiency of a treatment as well as learn about side-effects; often participants receive new treatment or medication options.

Medical Equipment

Medical Supply may include aids for daily living or first aid, mobility equipment, or diabetic supplies for purchase, rent or loan.


Medicare is a Federal insurance health insurance program for those 65 and over, or others who meet other criteria.

Medication Assistance

Medication Assistance includes access to financial assistance and discount programs that may lower the cost of medicine.

Medication Reminder

Medication Reminders are services or devices that assist clients in remembering to take their medicine on the prescribed schedule.

Medication Review

A service provided by an experienced pharmacist that goes beyond the counseling you receive when you pick up your prescription.

Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services includes services such as inpatient and outpatient counseling, as well as, information, resources and education.

Mobile Medical Services

Mobile Medical Services provides medical services that go directly to the individual's residence or a senior housing community; services include mobile x-ray, MRI and more.

Mobility Equipment

Mobility Equipment are products that individuals use to maintain their mobility and independence, such as lift chairs, wheelchairs and scooters.

Move Management & Organizing Services

Move management & organizing services assist with moves from a larger home to an apartment or community and often handle personal details of a move.

Organ & Body Donation

Organ & body donation is the removal of organs or tissues from a person who has recently died, or from a living donor, for the purpose of transplanting or grafting them into other persons.


Oxygen includes liquid oxygen or concentrator systems, as well as, respiratory equipment and supplies.

Personal Historians & Preservation

Personal historians are people that record and preserve memoirs, life stories or group histories. This service can be provided to a single person, group or organization.

Pet Services

Pet Services includes products and services for pets, pet shelters, low cost veterinary services and a source for finding pet companions for individuals.


Pharmaceutical includes information about medications, drug companies, research and other education and resource services.


Pharmacies provide prescription services to individuals and their families; many will help review prescriptions and compare costs.


Physicians and geriatric physician specialists provide healthcare to older adults; they work in a clinic, private practice, visit senior communities or make house calls.

Political Contacts

Political Contacts includes websites that contain information on how to locate and contact your national, state and local government agencies or representatives.

Products and Equipment

Products and Equipment are items that make the tasks of daily living easier, including: bathroom safety items, specialized clothing, and other independent living aids.

Professional Associations

Professional Associations offer educational or networking opportunities, including: compliance, referral networks, personal or professional development.

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services include all things related to buying or selling a home. Realtors with Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES(r)) designation specialize in serving older adults.

Referral Service and Housing Specialist

Housing Referral Agency or Information Specialist offers advice and referral services to senior housing communities; some are at no charge to the individual.

Rehabilitation Facilities

Rehabilitation Facilities provides acute or sub-acute care to individuals in recovering from illness or accidents, including nursing and therapy services.

Respite Care

Respite Care is short term relief for family caregivers to take a break from the caregiving responsibilities, including: housing, home care, day care, or financial assistance.

Reverse Mortgage

A type of loan where an individual borrows against the value of their home and does not have to pay back the principal until he/she sells the home or leaves the home permanently.

Salon & Spa Service

Salon Services offered to clients in their home, housing community, or other location. A spa service is a non-medical procedure to help the health of the body. Typical treatments include: Aromatherapy, Body wraps, Facials, Massage, Nail Care.

Senior Centers

Senior Centers are community based centers with activities, programs and non-medical services that promote wellness and socialization to independent older adults.

Senior Organizations

These are non-profit, government and community groups that offer resources, information and other interest-based services to older adults.

Social Groups

Social Groups fare organizations that provide an opportunity for individuals to gather, share and socialize, with a unifying theme or purpose.

Social Security

Social Security refers to the Federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance program; now amended to encompass several social welfare or social insurance programs.

Substance Abuse & Chemical Dependency

Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency may be treated with inpatient or outpatient services through counseling and medical help; education and other resources may also be found here.

Support Group

In a support group, members with a particular shared issue can come together to provide each other with various types of help. The help may take the form of providing and evaluating relevant information, relating personal experiences, listening to and accepting others' experiences, providing sympathetic understanding and establishing social networks.

Tax Advice & Preparation

Tax Advise and Preparation include resources on tax laws and regulations, tax planning and preparation, tax advocacy, tax reduction, and more.

Telephone Reassurance

Telephone Reassurances provided by companies who offer regular, pre-scheduled calls to individuals who live alone as a routine safety check and to reduce loneliness.

Therapy Services

Therapy Services include occupational, physical, respiratory and speech therapy on an inpatient or outpatient basis.


Transportation includes routed public transportation, flexibly scheduled van service, taxi services, and medical transport vehicles. Vehicle Modification may also be found here.

Travel Resources

Travel services are planned trips usually with a guide that focus on a common theme or event, such as golfing, history, archeology, geology, or eco tourism and other travel resources.

Veteran Services

Veteran Services includes veteran hospitals, support groups, help lines, veteran burial benefits and Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit.

Vision Resources & Services

Vision Resources & Services lists organizations that provide vision services, resources or education; some may provide services on sliding scale payment arrangements.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities are available for older adults through non-profits, government and volunteer organizations.