Life Long Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Life Long Benefits of Lifelong Learning Some of the most profound discoveries in the study of the human brain and aging have been made in the past decade. It‘s widely accepted that children’s formative development is best nurtured in a enriched environment, full of verbal, visual and physical stimuli. The more varied the experience and […]

Adult Day Centers – Increase quality of life for the whole family

Adult Day Centers… A Great Way to Increase Quality Of Life for the Whole Family Being a family caregiver is a twenty four hour a day, seven days a week job.   It is both rewarding and exhausting. Adult day centers provide life enriching day care for seniors and adults with disabilities.  Providing care for a […]

Senior Care & Health Blog

Senior Care & Health Blog Content provided by NorthWest Benefits Solutions Examples of What You Will Find On This Blog: Will you pay the penalty for not having health insurance under the ACA in 2014? Why self funding is less expensive for compaines group health plans Health Reform Hits Main Street The Health Care Law: […]