Get Focused!

Focus is a habit that serves us well in our business and in our personal lives. In these trying times, it is important for us to get and stay focused.

Here are 9 tips to help us develop and reinforce this habit of focus:

1. Find your life’s passion and allow it to become the guiding force behind the priorities in your life.

2. Save five minutes at the end of each day for planning. You’ll begin tomorrow with a clear action plan.

3. Live your life in the moment. There may never be another moment – this time is what you have. Savor it.

4. Make a “to-do” list each day and work from it. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the items are completed.

5. Tackle your most dreaded task first. Getting it out of the way will make for a much smoother day.

6. Create an environment with no distraction. Turn off everything that has a screen or a ringer and see what you can accomplish in five minutes.

7. Develop laser-like focus by answering this question and taking action: “What is the one thing that I can do to better my world?” Then do it!

8. List the distraction in your life (e.g. stained carpet, a broken hinge, a draining relationship, etc.). Eliminate these and you will be free to focus.

9. Pick a personal theme for the year and post it in a conspicuous spot. Next year, pick a new theme!

Provided by Susan Depew, On Target Marketing Coach 615-312-7238