Nurturing the Relationships that Matter; They All Matter

It is important to build relationships with the right people and companies regardless of their buying time. If a potential client doesn’t buy today we unfortunately drop them like a hot potato rather than continue to nurture that relationship into fruition.

5 Tips to Nurture Relationships

1. Companies don’t buy the people do. Give a human touch. Make a phone call, send a card or take just a few moments to send an email to see how they are.

2. Be an advisor not a salesperson. A trusted advisor will always be more welcome than a hard-core salesperson.

3. Is your customer here today and gone tomorrow? A new way of thinking: A customer is for life. Are you willing to invest what it takes to get their business?

4. It isn’t just the first impression that counts. It’s every impression that you make. Be consistent always.

5. Be personable. Your clients should want to talk to you – if they don’t you might be trying to hard to get the sale rather than develop the relationship.

6. Nurturing relationships reminds me of dating. If we take our “dates” for granted eventually they will replace us with someone who doesn’t. Evaluate your courting relationship with your clients. If you were getting the treatment you are giving would you continue? If so, keep doing what you are doing – if not it’s time to make changes today.