Hot Tip For Managing Your Calendar

Having a hard time managing all of the events and networking opportunities you attend? Well, there may be an easier way to populate and update your calendar using the resources already posted on Retirement Connection’s website – here’s how:

1. Go to the Networking Page.
2. Click on the button for the Events Calendar at the top of that page.
3. Once the calendar opens, on the bottom right, click the button for “Google Calendar”.
4. This will add this calendar and all supporting info to your calendar page if you use Google Calendar.
5. You can then also sync Google Calendar with Outlook, smart phones and other applications.

What’s so great about this- as meeting locations or topics change- your calendar is automatically updated as we receive the updated the details. We also provide a web link to more information for your calendar. The networking calendar remains independent from your personal entries for quick viewing.

We are happy to assist you in setting this up – Call Amy